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BF MicroInject
pulsation-free dosing of fluids and gases.

Pulsation free dosing pumps
1 µl/min – 1‚5L/h up to 5bar

As a key constructive character the Microdosing- / Double-injection-system consists of dosing pistons working in opposite directions with autonomous working stepping motors. This causes most precisely dosing of fluids‚outgassing mediums or gases. Additionally dosing into or out of vacuums is also possible.

The regulation of in-/outlet is controllable via electromechanical valves. These valves are specially constructed for no/low abrasion.

These dosing pistons are directly controlled via mechanism and grant clear defined working orders with precise opening and closing times of the magnet valves. The switching of the dosing pistons is pulsation-free.

The dosing input is autonomous from the dosing output‚ no matter in which operating stage the injection-system is working. This makes dosing extremly precise. The function of the valves and dosing pistons is absolutely secure and grant as well as the high precise components highest accurateness in dosing.

The handling of the equipment is depending on the design type - either manually directly via hardware or via central control unit. The control unit with Touchscreen-Technology can centrally control up to 32 units. The control unit can be placed directly at the working environment or up to 500m distance.

All double-injection-systems are available with integrated heating (to 115°C in PTFE/Glas option‚ in stainless steel up tot 200°C) or with cooling. The control for external heating cables is also available.

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