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gas mixing / dosing
Gas mixing system
including integrated flow rate measurement
accuracy 0‚08% / mix rate in ppm / ppb

Do you run gas or vapours exchange experiments that last for a long period of time and/or use vast amounts of expensive analyzed tank gases? We have the solution! TELAB's Gas Mixing Systems can be used to mix pure gases and vapours together to provide any mixture you require. The control of the system works via software or via integrated Touchscreen Display. You can calculate the concentration of gases you wish to mix at the specified flow rate and mix the gases yourself.
TELAB can custom design a system that meets your specifications‚ whether you want to mix 2 or more gases together.


Please specify the following:
* Total flow rate required
* Number of gases to be mixed
* Concentration ranges of resultant gas

TELAB gas mixing system and gas dosing system were developed for nearly universal use for metering individual or several gases and vapours.

Different materials‚ e.g. stainless steel and PTFE also permit the use of the dosing units for aggressive‚ toxic and flammable gases. Special focus was on low maintenance and economic design.

Thereby due to the modular structure of the individual components it is possible to make customer-specific adaptations at any time.
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