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DDA – SMART Digital Series Pumps
(0.0007 to 8 gph)

The TELAB DDA SMART Digital dosing series represents the latest generation in Digital Dosing pumps. This dosing pump is also availble with integrated heated dosing head. Its impressive intelligence and decision making capabilities go beyond any existing metering pump technology in the market.

The DDA can not only inject chemicals and verify injection; it can also measure valuable data such as flow or pressure. The pump can then diagnose the operation status based on the relationship between the diaphragm displacement and the pressure inside the head. The pump is so smart it can tell you if there are air bubbles inside the head. This technology goes even further. Thanks to its impressive logic capabilities‚ the DDA can make decisions to display and/or correct failures such as overpressure‚ valve leaks or air bubbles.

Ensures an optimum mixing ratio at the injection point without the need for additional acces- sories‚ such as static mixers. It also provides significant reduction of pressure peaks‚ preventing mechanical stress on wearing parts such as diaphragm‚ tubing‚ and connections‚ resulting in less maintenance required.

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