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Manually controllable diaphragm meteric pump with integrated relay
for the BASF – CATAMOLD - System

As a key character the manually controllable BF408 CATAMOLD diaphragm dosing pump allows via cam shaft positively controlled device inlet/outlet valves highest-precision metering of nitric acid for the BASF-Catamold-method.

The control of the inlet/outlet valves works via valves-diaphragm-cone. These cones are specially concipated with no sealings at all and therefore no abrasion‚ no altering and consequentely no leakiness will arise at no time.

The eccentric cam shaft and return springs lead to contact pressure of the valves with clearly defined working order with exact positioning of opening and closing status. The valves are overlapping in the closing status.

The dosing is therefore independend of dosing outlet‚ regardless of the operating stage of the dosing system. This absolute secured dosing activity‚ the compulsorily and absolutely secured function of the valves as well as the highest precision of all components explain the highest accuracy of the dosing pump.

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