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BF 414
Laboratary Diaphragm Dosing Pumps
in PTFE execution with controlled valves

0‚01 ml/min - 10L/h (fluid) 40 L/h (gase)

for a high precision dosing of fluids and gases. The principle of operation is based on the familiar principle of change in volume of a chamber‚ so the dosing system is able to pump from under pressure up to 20 mbar abs or into a vacuum and high vacuum applications

However‚ the decisive design feature is that the inlets and outlets are not opened and closed via automatically working ball valves as a function of the pressure range obtaining in the pump chamber at the time. The inlets and outlets are opened and closed via valve diaphragm cones. The cones are shaped according to special design principles and have no seals. This is why wear‚ ageing and finally premature leakage cannot occur.

The pump diaphragm and the valve diaphragm cones are positively controlled via cams.

The forces of contact pressure acting on the valves are generated through the eccentric cam and reset spring mechanisms and ensure clearly defined working states with precisely set opening and closing times. The valves overlap in their closed positions. For this reason‚ the dosing input is completely independent of the dosing output‚ irrespective of the operating phase in which the dosing unit is at the time.

This absolutely reliable dosing sequence‚ the positive absolutely reliable function of the valves as well as the high precision of the components account for the extremely high precision of the dosing unit.
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